Friday, October 4, 2013

Tree Smart Rolled-Up Recycled Newspaper Pencils *Review

Tree Smart has got to be one of the most eco friendly sites I have found this year! They take recycled newspaper and turn them into pencils. How totally cool is that!

Since 1998 Tree Smart has been making rolled up recycled newspaper pencils and began marketing them internationally in 2003.

Check out these benefits from their website:

• Whole newspaper sheets are rolled around HB high-quality #2 graphite.
• TreeSmart® recycles English newspapers.
• No mulching or mixing with toxic recycling chemicals.
• A special adhesive formula is used to bind the newsprint together into a cohesive core trunk that is as hard as wood.
• They sharpen easily, just like wood – most of our users tell us they sharpen better and last longer than wood pencils.
• Newsprint images are visible on the pencil surface.
• All pencils are made with high-quality ferrules and latex-free erasers that do not smudge.
• Selective colors for erasers are available upon request.

Look how beautifully it sharpens. It worked just as smoothly as a wooden pencil, but has way more character. You can see the rolls of newsprint as you sharpen it!

Every component is Made in the USA
Get started now with your first set of pencils for $8.00 HERE

This Mini Colored Pencils in a Tube is so darling!! Made from recycled newspaper as well, these little gems are sure to please kids everywhere! These would make outstanding stocking stuffers or birthday prizes!
These are only $3.95 and would be a perfect gift to have on hand for impromptu birthday needs. You can also have custom labels and use these as promotional gifts and marketing products.

I wish my camera could zoom in just a little bit closer so you could see the newsprint on the sharpened pencil. These really are a interesting piece and a great conversation starter as well!
Here is a picture from their FB page to show how cool it looks.

Another brilliant product from Tree Smart is the 6 inch ruler made from newsprint. 
Who would have thought you can do so much with recycle newsprint.. besides paper mache'
These small rulers are perfect size for the little tykes. It helps them draw straight lines and measure short bugs too. 
I am very impressed with Tree Smart and encourage you to check them out!

Tree Smart on Facebook

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