Friday, October 4, 2013

Parties and T-Shirts: A Forever Relationship

What’s better than sending guests home with a gift bag? You can send them home with a t-shirt that commemorates the event. T-shirts are also the perfect way to unite family members at a reunion or advertise the great company you work for or a sports team you support. The perfect relationship between t-shirts and parties starts with a little creative thinking. Once you have an idea, calling on a company such as Creative Ventures Inc. to turn your vision into reality is simple. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Design-a-Shirt Parties

Kids love to be creative, and throwing a party that allows them to bust out their creativity is always a hit. There are numerous materials you can use during a t-shirt design party: fabric dyes, fabric paint, acrylic paint, iron-on graphics, fabric crayons, and more. There are plenty of books or online sources where you can find decals that can be ironed on to the shirt before the kids color them in. Don’t keep it just for the kids, though. Adults also love to unleash their right-brained energies, and there are plenty of designs that will appeal to men and women who can’t wait to wield a paintbrush.

Cut-a-Shirt Parties

When you have a closet full of t-shirts that are all sort of boring and bland, don’t throw them away just yet. Instead, invite all of your friends with a similar dilemma to come to a shirt cutting party. Turning a boring t-shirt into an exciting and unique garment requires only a little imagination, some measuring, and a good pair of scissors. Arm yourself with loads of cutting designs and practice beforehand so you have an idea of how each design will work. Then you’ll be ready to give assistance and hand out advice as everyone gathers at your place. Don’t forget the food and drinks!

Print a Shirt on Demand

For big company parties, sporting events, school rallies, or large family reunions, mobile t-shirt printing is the perfect way to commemorate the event. Instead of ordering everyone’s shirts ahead of time, work with a company like CreativeVentures Inc. to come up with a game plan, including sizes, styles, and colors of available shirts as well as possible designs. Inform your event-goers of the prices and let them choose what they want right on the spot. With mobile printing units available, your guests can enjoy anticipating a freshly completed shirt designed to their exact specifications.

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1 comment:

  1. Hi, Melanie.
    I found your blog at Let's Homeschool High School's Blogroll. What a great blog of reviews! Great idea.
    I like your ideas for the T-Shirts. I'm going to share your blog with my daughter so she can use some of these ideas the next time she has a group of friends over. We took them to a concert last year at Universal Studios. The day before we left, the girls all came over and they tie dyed some T-Shirts, which they all wore at Universal Studios the next day. It was easier to find each other in the crowd, they had fun doing it, and they had fun wearing similar but personalized T-Shirts.

    Thanks for the new ideas. :)