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Green Golly & her Golden Flute *Review


Green Golly & her Golden Flute
Written and Performed by Keith Torgan & Barbara Siesel
Illustrations by Suzanne Langelier-Lebeda

This picture book is inspired by the Parents' Choice Gold Winning Album of the same name.
The retelling of Rapunzel  incorporates classical music selections from Mozart, Mendelssohn, Schubert, Chopin and more in the 57 minute audio. The combination of visual art in the book, and the audio version give the reader/listener a comprehensive cultural experience.

I know my kids aren't always interested in just listening to Classical Music for the fun of it. When you incorporate a story, along with brilliantly illustrated pages, they suddenly seem ok with listening and hearing these great works of art.

This book is geared for ages 4-10 but quite honestly I loved hearing the audio component. It was just beautiful with the 1940's style radio drama in the first section of the audio, and then the second section with the flute recital by Barbara Siesel. I love that I was able to expose the kids to some of this beautiful music, and give them more than just reading another story.

My daughter clearly loves Rapunzel so just that caught her attention! Green Golly was a happy girl and as the boys began to notice her more the witch decided to put her in a tower, where all she could do was watch her hair grow and sing. But oh my she had a bad voice. The witch couldn't handle the sound so she brought her a golden flute to play. Green Golly of course was musically inclined with the flute and began learning many songs.  A handsome prince just happened to be traveling through and heard the beautiful music and had to find it's source.

The ending is quite hilarious and not as you expect! I actually loved this version as their was no magic involved, simply the magic of music!

The book comes with an instant download on your ipod, mobile device or computer. You can also purchase it with the CD version of the audio.

Suzanne Langelier-Lebeda did a beautiful job at illustration this whimsical story. Her illustrations flowed like music as you turned the pages. Her work is some that would be delightful to frame and decorate any child's room with.

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