Thursday, October 31, 2013

Edutech Worx Toys *Review #giftguide

Worx Toys and Edutech this Holiday Season!

Do you have tons of toy cars stashed away in your child's toy box? Toys they take out to drive around occassionally, but honestly with no bells and whistles they tend to stay in the box alot.
Eductech has come out with a line of motor vehicles that are fun to play with.. and that teach the child about the different components of the vehicle.

We were able to review Throttle the motorcycle. My 5 year old was able to see through the transparent exterior into the inner workings of the motorcycle.
Each vehicle comes with an interactive story book that teaches them about the 10 different components. He then keys in a code in the keypad to see the motorcycle demonstrate that part!

The codes were easy to find and self explanatory. I did have to help my 5 year old as he is not a reader yet. I am all for educational toys! My kids however do enjoy ones that Mom doesn't deem educational. Why not have both and make us both happy?

The Worx Toys Edutech comes in 5 designs; motorcycle, speedster, fire engine, helicopter and space shuttle.

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