Sunday, September 29, 2013

Simple Glow Soy Candle *Review

Simple Glow candles offers soy candles in a variety of wonderful scents! Soy burns so much cleaner than paraffin and much longer. I love these soy candles as they are able to be long lasting and smell wonderful. I reviewed two scents to kick off fall.

These are the 2.5 ounce modern tins. They had long lasting burning and even in this small amount were able to scent the entire living room! Sometimes with candles I can only burn them for a short while till the scent becomes too much. Not with the Simple Glow candles, these were the perfect size to keep on letting it burn.

A super nice, clean burn!

Burn time is approx 15-20 hours. That is just amazing when you see the smallness of this candle. 
Their 16 oz candle has 140-160 hours of burn time. 
Fall is the perfect time to get those candles out for early morning and evening scents. I am not much of a summer time candle burner, but with fall you will smell them burning constantly. 

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  1. I love candles so much!! And i love all of their different scents!!!