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Logic of English Essentials TOS *Review

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Logic of English is just what it's name say.. helping your children to logically figure out the English language. As a homeschool teacher I know just how hard and confusing the English language is, with the list of rules and phonograms. I have struggled for years to successfully teach my children to read, spell and write at the level that they need to because of constantly switching programs and looking for that magical one to teach them for me!

Though Logic of English doesn't have any magical properties, it does however make teaching the Essentials of grammar to my children much easier and understandable for me the teacher as well as fun for the children.
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We were blessed to review Essentials, is an integrated phonics, spelling, vocabulary and grammar program for ages 8 and older.

My 11 year old has told me for the last few years he 'hates' English. That for him included spelling, reading, writing, grammar, anything with words. We have fought for years to get him to do workbook sheets, to read to me, to progress in his english skills. He of course had improved some, but not to the extent that I really needed him to as a 6th grader. When I saw the idea behind Logic of English's program I was excited to try that with him, perhaps he would understand the approach if it was broken down more into phonogram form, with the spelling rules right in it. Rather than doing an separate english, spelling and grammar books, we were able to combine them in one linear process.

He does not 'hate' English this year. We started out using Logic of English from the get go, and his spelling is much improved. He is relearning the basic words in spelling form, though he did know how to read them. Having some reading skills under his belt I think has made him feel more confident in attacking this program. 

I have included my 8 year old in the sessions with us, and she has just been working in a lined notebook while he uses the Student Workbook  $25. I was kind of feeling her out to see if she would stick with it, or if it would be too difficult for her. She is doing very well and I will be ordering her a workbook as well. She can't work at the same speed that her brother does, nor can she do the extra workpages, but I am working with her more on the reading of the words and getting the spelling down. I think even if she progresses slower, that it will be a positive for her to utilize this program as well. No more English program hopping for me!

Other items we received with our review included;
Essentials Teacher's Manual  $95

Basic Phonograph Flashcards $18
Spelling Rules Flash Cards $15
Phonogram Game Cards $10
Phonogram and Spelling Game Book $15

I really do feel that this would be your basic kit to get started. The price may seem a little bit higher than you are used to seeing in some English programs, but remember, this program is combining basically three separate components phonics, spelling, and grammar. Typically you are purchasing separate books for these different subjects. 

We use the phonogram game cards a lot. I used them each time we were introduced to a new sound and reinforced the old sounds we learned. These are super for game play as well. Nearly every lesson we had a suggested game to play to continue that memorization of sounds. There are 77 different games and were fun to play, and not overly time consuming. I think this component really helped my 11 year old find the fun in doing English.

The student workbook is available in both cursive and manuscript. I really appreciated that, knowing that the schools are no longer teaching cursive. We chose the manuscript for now as my 11 year old masters the basics.The workbooks are also available in PDF form with a family license to make copies for $25.

The teachers manual was fantastic for me. There was no prep work, not having to figure out spelling rules, not having to re-decipher English on my own to read it. It was an open and teach style of book. Step by step, easy to utilize. That was very important for me personally to be successful.

We are currently in lesson 7 now, taking several days over the course of each lesson and are doing great with it. I am overjoyed at having found a program that works for us!

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