Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Infinite Aloe *Review

Infinite Aloe Skin Care is a refreshing solution for dried and cracked skin.

Aloe Vera has been used on the skin for years and years, dating back to the Egyptians. This healing plant was know for it's properties as an aid in healing and overcoming dry skin.
Useful for all type of dry skin conditions, insect bites, and healing burns.

The main ingredient in Infinite Aloe products is Aloe Vera, which means this cream is going to do much of what just adding the aloe vera plant to your skin and more. It also includes other natural healing products like chamomile, rose hip oil, and yucca extract.

The Infinite Aloe was a nice, thick cream that was easy to apply. It soaked in completely which I loved. No left over, greasy residue to deal with. It was a very moisturizing cream for my hand and body. Additionally the aloe vera used is organic, so no worry about nasty chemicals leaching into the product.

The 8 oz container lasts many for 4-6 months, you really only need to use a small amount.
Infinite Aloe is Made in the USA! The product works wonderfully and I highly recommend it for those who suffer with dry cracked skin. If you have very sensitive skin however I may hesitate to use this product as it does contain some synthetic ingredients including fragrance. I would really like to see an unscented version. I felt the scent was a bit overbearing for my personal tastes. I think the more natural they can make it, the better it would be.

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