Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to Pass the Driver’s Test Skills Portion

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The open road can be a very dangerous place for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. Before you can travel the streets by yourself, you must take a driver’s license test. There are 2 parts to this exam: the written and the practical portions. You must receive a passing grade on both parts to receive your license. With the written section, you can get by on studying what you learned at and exercising common sense. With the skills portion, however, you must have well-honed driving skills developed through diligent practice.


Before you go to the DMV to take your test, you should see that everything is in order. Find out what the qualifications are for taking the driver’s exam. You should have the paperwork for your vehicle filled out and prepared. Remember to bring your ID that tells your date of birth. It’s in your best interest to set up an appointment with the DMV ahead of time, so you can schedule your test without excruciatingly long lines. Last, ensure that your vehicle is in good working order to make a good impression on the tester and to allow a smooth driving experience.


Now it’s time to get behind the wheel and practice your skills. Honestly, you probably can’t get enough time in the car. Get a feel for the vehicle’s ride and adjust to how to press the brakes and gas pedals. Practice moving at a smooth pace. Work on your turns and on changing lanes. Take note of all traffic signals and obey them. Don’t forget to look at the mirrors and keep your eyes peeled on every motion on the road. Last, figure out how to make a smooth parking job.

Test Taking

When it’s time to take the test, keep calm and carry on. Pay attention to the road and carefully listen to the tester’s instructions. Again, look at the mirrors and obey traffic signs. Present yourself well by fastening your seatbelt and keeping your hands on opposite sides of the steering wheel at all times. Keep within the speed limit and make smooth turns and complete stops. The more careful you are and the more you apply what you learned at, the fewer points will be docked. Good luck!

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