Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hank Finds An Egg by Rebecca Dudley *Review

Hank Finds An Egg is a powerful book that will put a huge smile on your face! All told without words.

I just read it again and it made me smile! So what makes this book so special.. I mean, it doesn't even have any words?

Everything that is put into the illustrations is made by the Author, Rebecca Dudley. The background images, eggs, hummingbirds and Hank himself are created physically by her then photographed. The photos are engaging and adorable!

Hank finds an egg that fell out of the tree and is determined to get it back to its nest. Problem is, he is too short to reach the nest. He uses ingenuity to try to reach, and still falls short. He sees the mother hovering over the nest and gets a remarkable idea to have her help bring her own egg home.

So creative, so visually alluring! The details amaze me, as Rebecca has physically crafted each and every one of these leaves, trees, rocks and more. This book makes me want to escape outside and create my own imaginary village.

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