Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Snip-it's Sculpting Gel *Review

Snip-its, one of the country’s fastest-growing chains of children’s hair salons, announces the addition of a new sculpting gel to its professional line of hair care products formulated just for kids. Silly Slicker Ultimate Sculpting Gel comes in an easy-to-use soft squeeze tube and re-activates with water, allowing kids to create their own hair masterpieces over and over again. Curls, spikes, or just slicking it all back, Silly Slicker has a slower drying time for extra styling time. The no-flake formula, made of Aloe, Panthenol and Castor Oil, shampoos out easily and comes in a yummy light “tropical” coconut lime fragrance kids – and parents – will love.  

The Silly Slicker styling gel can be found at any of the Snip-its locations across the country at a MSRP of $10.95. For a list of Snip-its locations, visit www.snipits.com/locations.

My 11 year old is at the age that he loves to try different styles with his hair, from spikes to a mohawk. He typically uses hair gel that his Dad or older brothers has on hand, making his hair overly gelled. We were thrilled to try Snip-It's hair gel designed for kids!

We loved the smell of the gel! It wasn't overly perfumed or strong. Canyon noted that the gel was much thicker than the watery gel he was used to using. He didn't need as much product to get the result. The gel was reactivated with water so he was able to style and then restyle if he chose to. It was long lasting! Canyon said it lasted two days which is great

I highly recommend this great product along with the complete line of Snip-It's hair care products.

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