Sunday, August 18, 2013

Reading Kingdom *Review

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Reading Kingdom is an online reading and writing program geared toward children aged four to ten or those with special learning needs. Created by Dr. Marion Blank who has had over 40 years in study on how to teach children to read and write,the program will help the student achieve a 3rd grade reading and writing level.

This review session I used Reading Kingdom with my 8 year old daughter who is struggling to read. The program started her off a little on the easy side, but with it being summer I felt it was a good review.
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The program resembles an online game and the graphics are amazing. I love the owl, and the bright colors to capture their attention while they learn to read. The games get a little repetitive, but it is that repetition that is going to get them to remember. They utilize the same word again and again in different games, to help it stick.

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"The Reading Kingdom is highly beneficial for children diagnosed with dyslexia. The system has been designed to teach a range of skills vital to reading but omitted from other programs. Many of these skills are precisely the ones that children with dyslexia need to develop. For example, the children often have problems with visual memory so that even when they have seen a word many times, they do not recognize it. The teaching of visual memory is a key part of The Reading Kingdom. Other features of the program address the specific language deficits associated with dyslexia, such as the notable difficulties the children have with the "little" words such as there, who, of, etc. The Reading Kingdom steadily builds the skills children need to become fluent readers and writers."

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The program emphasizes when you begin their Skills Survey that the parent not assist the student. They are on their own, so that Reading Kingdom can accurately assign the components that the child most needs. 
It is best to work on this 4-5 days a week for consistency.
You will be well supported in your desire to help your child learn to read. Reading Kingdom has a blog that offers great articles on reluctant readers, tips and helps for parents, interesting books to encourage your child, and much more. You also can find out up to date information on their Reading Kingdom Facebook page. 

You can sign up for a Risk Free 30 Day trial where you can utilize Reading Kingdom to see if it would be a good match for your student. 

If you love it and I truly think you will, you can either pay $19.99 per month for access with cancellation at any time. Better yet pay for the entire year $199.99 and save 20% on the year. If you have additional children who you want to use the program they would be 50% discount for each one. 
You can cancel your subscription at any time. 

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  1. I really like the blog it has some good tips :) A little pricey for our family though :(

  2. This sounds like a great reading program.