Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our 6th Grade Lineup

 6th grade line up for 2013-2014

We will be having a family Circle Time (read my review here) where we will do Bible, scripture memory, and prayer together first thing. In addition Canyon will have his own devotions to work in throughout his morning. 

We reviewed Math Mammoth (read my review here) last year and I really liked how it was set up so we will continue through the Multiplication and Fractions components to begin with and add more after those are mastered. We are a bit behind in Math concepts so we are going to begin with the 4th grade blue set, picking and choosing the things we need work on, primarily the multiplication and division. As the year progresses we may be able to bump up a grade midway through. 

I will be reviewing this English program with Canyon through The Schoolhouse review team. He struggles with spelling and writing quite a bit so we need a more intensive look at English and I am really excited to work with him on this program. 

Creative Writing
In addition to the Logic of English I am going to include Canyon in some creative writing tasks to hopefully motivate some creativity and expression.

We are going to utilize the FIAR studies that I am doing with the younger two to determine the country we study each week.
To help supplement our Geography for an older student we will use various maps, atlas, and go along books pertaining to each country. 
I also downloaded Expedition Earth which is going to be fun to add in some workbook pages as well as a passport for the places we visit.
Global Art is a great arts and craft go-along for Geography! Read my review HERE

This child is NOT a workbook type of kid. He is pretty much anti-school, so we have to 'hide' school within fun things. One thing he does love to do is cook and bake, often saying he will be a Chef when he grows up. I found the perfect combination of books that will provide science lessons and experiments for him, along with giving us some yummy treats as a family to try. 
With our younger 2 I will be using FIAR and we will be studying different countries and I will coorespond those to what Canyon is doing food wise for the week. His science schedule will be determined by our FIAR and book studies.

Science Fair Idea Book

He is not a lover of reading, but with the curriculum above I think he will be getting quite a bit of reading in. I will be adding in books here and there and asking for a verbal book review. We will have a 30 minute scheduled reading time daily to delve into either the Word, or a book for fun. 


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