Friday, August 23, 2013

Nazca Line Apparel *Review

 Nazca Line was birthed out of a love of Peru and family heritage. Owner Dan, is of Peruvian decent, the only one in his family not actually born in Peru. After a recent trip to Peru he was inspired by the beauty around him like Machu Picchu, the greatest South American cuisine, the softest cotton in the world, the highest navigable lake in the world (Lake Titicaca), the highest sand dune in the world (in Nazca), and of course the ancient Nazca Lines.

Nazca Lines? I had never heard of this so I asked Dan to clue us in on the history of the Nazca Lines.

Nazca Lines of Peru - Mysterious drawings on the sand called 'geoglyphs' lay across the desert floor in Nazca, Peru. Created 2,000 years ago, they are also only visible from the sky. Because of this, the Nazca Lines were not discovered until the late 1930's when an aircraft flew over them for the first time. They are one of the most famous archaeological enigmas as well as one of the largest works of art in the world. Still unknown as to exactly why they are made, there are many theories ranging from rituals to the gods, to astronomical charts, to UFO landing strips. Among these geoglyphs include images of a spider, monkey, tree, hands, dog, whale, parrot, hummingbird, condor, spirals, and even an astronaut. Trapezoid-shaped lines stretch up to 9 miles! Some of them even point to the Winter solstice. More info on these lines can be found here:

The beauty of this line is not only the wonderfully designed clothing, but the charity effort behind it. With each shirt they are able provide kids in Peru with items to help them in their education. Backpacks filled with school, art, hygienic, and recreation supplies necessary for a full year were given to 30 kids in Tacna Peru this last November.

They are working directly through non-profit to provide these backpacks. Read more HERE

"Nazca Line Apparel takes a creative interpretation of these ancient designs while staying true to their unique qualities that make them special. As opposed to souvenir-type shirts that would say "Nazca, Peru" in the front, we want to spread the art in a creative and subtle way"
We were so excited to review one of the Monkey shirts from Nazca Lines. Made in Peru of 100%
It came in a wonderful portfolio depicting some of the Nazca lines. Love the care and detail in shipping the shirt!
One of 7 designs, the Monkey is one of my favorites!  The cotton is extremely soft, and the print is distinct and detailed. 
What a conversation starter when wearing this shirt. Dan sent over a small and true to size fit my 14 year old (he has all of the luck!)

Love the additional tail on the back! How cool is that. This has really peaked my interest in the Nazca Lines and to get the kids intrigued. We may need to add it in as a unit of school this year!

Be sure to check out Nazca and know you are helping the kids in Peru! Be watching for hoodies to be added to the line up later this fall. 

Get your shirts now until Sept 1st at a 15 % discount using 
Code JUBILEE (all caps)! 
Don't wait, get excited about  Nazca Line Apparel!

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  1. This is a way cool shirt. My husband loves art and has recently become interested in art very similar to this.

  2. What a fun design. I am looking for something new for my boys (I'm tired on Star Wars, cartoons, LEGO, etc. designs)

  3. those are very cool! off for a closer look!

  4. What a wonderful review! Thank you guys for the support. Currently we are in Peru. In a few days we will be heading to Tacna, Peru ourselves to meet the kids we've been helping! Afterwards we will at last be seeing the Nazca Lines for ourselves. Here comes a wonderful rebirth of inspiration!

    You can tune in for updates at

    Thank you :)

  5. great review of a great line, love the tee