Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Coney Island Baby *Review

Coney Island Baby takes a team of artist, designers and writers to uniquely design clothing for children that will help spark their imagination.

"Our vision is to dress kids in ideas that nurture creativity, awaken a sense of wonder, and speak to a person’s need for truth, beauty, and wisdom. We know education starts at home and that healthy learning habits are among the greatest gifts children can receive. Our approach is guided by the idea that a mind is a fire to be lighted, not a vessel to be filled. Together, we can set a child’s mind alight!"

Now that is an inspirational clothing company! I have just fallen in love with the designs and artistic pieces from Coney Island Baby!

The Beauty Bodysuit that I was able to review is just adorable! They have a line of 'Beauty' which also includes a long sleeve tee shirt for up to size 5T. The bodysuit is also long-sleeved and runs from sizes 0-3 month up to 18 month size.

With snaps at the bottom and neckline, this bodysuit is very easy to get on and off your little one.
Super soft, and durable cotton. The colors are subdued but stand out excellently.

Inspire your little ones from a young age to love art and the written word around them. The artistic nature of Coney Island Baby is the best I have seen.

I wish they made adult clothing as well! I would definitely be standing in line for tshirt with these prints!

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  1. This a really cute onsie I would love to buy for my new nephew.