Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Common Core Standards

We often hear about students being taught, but we do not often hear about students being prepared. While the two may seem similar or even identical, the truth is that an educated student is not the same as one that is prepared for participation in a global economy. While any student can derive information from a class and perform professional tasks with that information, this form of training alone is not sufficient to prepare them for greater things later on. Preparing them requires that they be educated in a comprehensive fashion according to a variety of academic contingencies.

What students need to succeed in a global economy are often called the Common Core standards, or CCS. CCS is a combination of science, math and language skills that are applicable in many different contexts. Rather than teaching a student only to perform certain tasks, it enables the student to develop solutions to new tasks and exigencies as they arise in their daily life. While this does not certify them for particular forms of work or qualify them in the same way as most professional courses, it does leave them much better prepared for anything they might face moving forward.

CCS is a useful development for students that aim to succeed in an international market, and it is a very helpful standard for educators looking to better prepare their students for success. While professional training is required for any given job, CCS covers the requirements for life in a vibrant international economy.

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