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Because You are Strong .. a Study of Godly Strength for Young Men *Review

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Doorposts has long been known as a great resource for parenting and character building in children. Their resources are vast and knowledgeable, all pertaining to Biblical truths.

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Because You are Strong a Study of Godly Strength for Young Men. This has been an excellent morning devotion for my 14 year old. Geared for at least ages 10/12 and up, it has 74 days of study, each only taking approx 20 minutes. Not to much to overwhelm my teen! There are 10 total studies outlined.

The topics all center on strength, and what God says about true strength. The eleven chapters include Strength and Wisdom, Strength to be Valiant, Strength for the Battle, Strength and Gray heads and more. The bible study helps the student dive in deeper to these character traits and great Biblical heros like Samson, David and Jesus. The study breaks each chapter into 5 days of lessons, which worked perfectly for my 14 year old to utilize for his personal devotions on school mornings.

The following are all included in the various studies;
  • Defining a word by looking it up in the concordance, thesaurus, and finding additional references
  • Reading scripture
  • Asking questions about the reading and seeing how it applies to your own life
  • Using a topical bible
  • Researching characters in the Bible
  • verse study
  • chapter outline
  • Cross references
  • compare and contrast
The Word of God is our sword as it is our young men. Daniel Forster has done a fantastic job of incorporating in depth Bible study, without bogging down the often times reluctant teen age boy. It has been a blessing to watch  my son learn about strength through this study. Because You Are Strong sells for $14 for softcover, $10 for Ebook
I found this to be geared for tween or teenage boys. There is some depth and 'feeling' type questions that may not be as easy to understand for boys under 12.

They also have a book geared for teen girls titled Beauty in the Heart which uses the same in-depth approach that Because You Are Strong had in it.

Read what my crew mates thought of both of these Bible studies by clicking on the banner below.


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