Monday, July 22, 2013

Road Rippers *Review & Giveaway

The new Road Rippers from Toy State are ripping up the track in our living room this morning! These new toy cars are unique Hatchbacks that have lights, sounds and actions when you lift up the hatch.

Opening up the trunk you get three different rotation of lights and sounds, while you push the car down the lane.

We were able to try out the Mini Countryman WRC and the Ford Fiesta. They both are in the Hatchbacks line of Road Rippers.
Check out this variety of cars! They have convertibles, lightning rods, monster trucks and more just in the Road Ripper line. They also have RC cars as well. I know my 11 year old has been bugging me for a RC car, now I know just where to look for the upcoming holiday season!

These cars have entertained the kids for hours as they set up their own racetrack and play together on the hardwood floors. It is just miserably hot outside right now and I was glad we could have some fun inside with a super cool toy.

Check out the James Bond 007 car we received as well.  

The theme music plays as it gears up and takes off by itself! My 11 year old recently saw one of the movies of James Bond and he was thrilled to try out the Q Branch from the series. Now this car has some cool moves to it! It can drive itself, pull up guns to shoot, and even do a spin out.

The car looks innocent enough, but look how the hidden lights come out in the front and top of the car!
These are just a tiny representation of the hundreds of vehicles from Toy State. These replicas are very life like and will meet the standards of even the toughest car loving father!

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  1. I like the British Secret Service R/C

  2. My grandson and husband would have fun with the Lightning Rods.

    Sherry Compton

  3. I like all of these CAT machines: Dump Truck, Bulldozer, Wheel Loader, Skid Steer, Backhoe and Excavator -.

  4. I liked the Dub Garage Revealz.

  5. My granddaughter wants this one she loves remote control vehicles - Trail Maker™ 4x4 R/C

  6. I like the street nitro

  7. I like the for your eyes only R/C.

  8. I like the Remote Control Big Builder with Sounds.

  9. I like the British Secret Service R/C.

  10. I like the Remote Control Big Builder
    Jessica Cox

  11. the sphynx rc is super cool. thanks for the giveaway jenna_burris

  12. I like the big moving rumblers!

  13. I like the Street Nitro R/C
    Michelle Tucker