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Preschoolers and Peace ~Circle Time *Review

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Circle Time from Preschoolers and Peace is a tool to help you plan the best part of your day!

When I first saw this I wasn't sure how helpful it would be for my older children, as they have outgrown what I have always thought of 'Circle Time', as a sitting on the carpet in Kindergarten listening to the teacher read a story. I was pretty sure my teens wouldn't go for that! Kendra even mentions that the name "Circle Time" may be a deterrent for teens, so call it something else.

Kendra has eight children from teens to babies, so surely the Circle Time concept would be beneficial for my six children. I have always desired to have family devotions time, and with Dad leaving early in the am, I just never worked toward that goal. I would have devotions with the younger ones, and the older ones typically would do their own. I have always desired to start our day in prayer together, and yet that had never come to fruition either. Circle Time was able to give me some great ideas on starting now, right where we are at!

The Circle Time Wish List gave me ideas for what we could use for Circle Time. I wanted to focus primarily on scripture to start but the list gives some other great ideas especially if you have students close in age.
The beauty of it is you can utilize Circle Time simply for your morning prayer, devotions, Bible reading, and memorization tools, or you can utilize it also for the homeschooling subjects you work together on like read alouds, history and science.

With it being summer we chose to use it for the core Biblical studies. I found that if we didn't meet together first thing in the morning, it was very hard to gather everyone later in the day. The evenings found everyone tired and not focused. We chose to meet together in the living room, with coffee or hot cocoa for the older ones. As our school year approaches I would like to add in a weekly hymn to learn together along with a missionary of the week or month.

We took the Memory Box idea and turned it more into a binder of memory verses we want to work on and the daily work. Just a little bit of scripture work a day over time will allow us to all hide the Word in our hearts. Kendra used the same idea and had suggestions for different binder tabs. I need to be organized ahead of time or things won't happen. This is an excellent tool for me to grab prior to Circle Time and have all of our information right on hand.

I loved the idea of a Prayer box where you file each family picture according to their name, and utilize the opportunity to write down prayers for our loved ones.

 There are lots of ideas in the book on how to make Circle Time fun for babies and little ones. Ways to keep them focused and entertained. My youngest is 5 and is a pretty laid back guy so we didn't have to utilize any of them, but I just wanted to know there is a lot of great information on it if you need it!

 Once we start school we will utilize the idea of splitting Circle Time into a couple different times of the day as I utilize it for my three youngest to join together for science, geography and literature.

This book is excellent for getting the brain storm going on how you can utilize Circle Time for your own family!

The book is available in pdf format for $4.99 and is 33 pages long.

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  1. I never thought of circle time for that purpose in the home! What fresh new idea! I love it!