Saturday, July 27, 2013

PowerMyLearning K-12 Web-Based Learning Platform *Review

As a parent and homeschooler I am aware of a plethora of free educational games online. There are wonderful games for all areas of learning. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to have these games organized into an easy to find place? I don't have time to search for games, let alone try to figure out what age level or topic it covers.
PowerMyLearning has thankfully organized the games into age groups and topics for us, and the best news is it is FREE!

We often use online educational games as a 'reward' for finishing our homeschool work well in a day. I have struggled to find games that are age appropriate without having to spend a significant amount of time searching ahead of time. With 6 kids, keeping track of all of these sites is next to impossible.

The beauty of PowerMyLearning is that you can utilize it for K through High School. You can search by age group, or you can also go by specific topics;
Language Arts
Social Studies
Art & Music
World Languages
Your Life

This is a safe place for kids to 'play' online, and continue to get some educational food while doing so!

"PowerMyLearning is a free, web-based K-12 learning platform designed for students, educators, and parents. With PowerMyLearning, you can easily find and use thousands of the best free online learning activities from across the web to propel student achievement in all major subjects including math, English Language Arts, science, social studies, and more."

I set up my new Kindergarten student to play with PowerMyLearning first, getting him excited about starting school!
We worked through some of the Math links, and I was pleased to find several from PBSkids, a place we often visit already. All I had to do for him was click on Math and the K and I was given specific topics within the math field to choose from.

Once I chose one, he was given several games to choose from. In the Geometry topic alone we were given 19 game choices!
 Familiar educational sites like BBC, PBSkids, Starfall, all in one easy to find place without even having to leave the PowerMyLearning website. If you choose to expand the screen it will take you directly to the game site however, leaving PowerMyLearning but you can return with the back button.

I love the safety of this site for the kids! We have just begun to explore this website and I can guarantee we will be utilizing it for all of our elementary and junior high students this year.
I have seen a lot of computer sites in my years as a Homeschool teacher and PowerMyLearning ranks right at the top for quality, ease of use, and safety!

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This was a paid promotion, all opinions however are my own.

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