Thursday, July 18, 2013

Photo Collages Make Great Memories

Do you need to create a collage for a project? If you check out the Internet, you can find a free online collage maker. There are many sites that help you create your own collage.

Collages come in any type, style, or form that you might want to put together. Many photo sites have online help to create a collage for cards, pictures, or just basic posters. Each site is slightly different, but the basic directions are simple.

Here are some basic directions for making a collage:

1.            Pick an online site that will help you put your collage together.
2.            Decide on a theme for your collage.
3.            Collect several pictures that you might include in the final collage.
4.            Upload these pictures onto your computer or website that you have chosen.
5.            Pick background and coloring for your collage.
6.            Pick font for wording that you will be including in your collage.
7.            Arrange pictures with words to express your creativity for your theme.
8.            Choose how you want your collage displayed: as a picture, a poster, or a card.
9.            Your collage should now be ready to save to the Internet or print out.

Collages are a great way to enhance a school project for your child. Your child will enjoy putting together his or her own collage and displaying it with their school project. What child doesn’t want to get a better grade and have a great presentation for a school project? Also, what parent doesn’t want to encourage their children to excel and do well in school?

Every parent knows that putting forth a little extra effort towards a school project gets a child a better grade. Unfortunately, most kids are not excited about spending extra time on a project that is not required. One way to get your child more involved and to help them enjoy their school work is by creating a collage to go with their project. Your child can take pictures of each and every stage as the project progresses. Then when the project is completed, your child can use a freeonline collage maker to upload pictures to and create a collage that can be presented with their school project.

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  1. Love how personal and fun these are. They are great for kids going away to college or for anyone. They hold many memories and bring smiles to people's faces. They take some time to do so I am glad there are sites out there to help.
    Sherry Compton

  2. Great tips! Thank you/ I want to make a summer college!