Monday, July 22, 2013

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care *Review

What sets Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care apart from the other organic skin care companies?
They are the only skin care company that grows their own ingredients on their own USDA certified organic farm! Now that is a full circle accomplishment!
I love when farmers can come full circle in their accomplishments and utilize what they grow to make the products that they use. When we were farming we enjoyed the aspect of growing the food to feed the animals that then provided for us. The same beauty applies with this and the organic farming for skin care.

This Colorado based company is in it's 7th generation of farming since the American Revolution.
They have developed a complete skin care line for the variety of skin types;
Sensitive Skin
Acne Prone
Dry Skin
Sun Damaged Skin

All products are pure skin care, never anything artificial or synthetic in the products. Pure nature for pure, beautiful skin.

I was able to review the Balancing Facial Toner for normal skin.  The toner is designed to go on your skin prior to your moisturizer, and after your cleansing. The toner balances, nourishes and tones your skin.
Look at this beautiful, organic line up of ingredients!
Witch Hazel
Eucalyptus Leaf

just to name a few. The toner smells outstanding! If we could bottle that scent I think I would wear it as a daily perfume; so light and beautiful.
This toner is actually very beneficial to those with Acne Prone skin as well as Normal/Oily skin types.

The toner reduces the signs of wrinkles and firms up your skin for a nice tight finish. I wish photos would do justice to the decrease of fine lines that this product helps with.

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  1. These look good. I have sensitive skin, so I'm always on the lookout for things like this.