Thursday, July 25, 2013

Jacob on the Road DVD *Review

Faith-Based Fun For Kids
Bridgestone Multimedia

Jacob and his friends are visiting the museum, and Jacob sees a display of monkeys and indicates to his friends that they are his ancestors. His friends disbute that, mentioning the bible and God; both of which Jacob mocks. As they are having a debate about it, a dinosaur head along with security guard Jay falls on Jacob and knocks him to Monkey Ville where Jay is the tour guide.
In Monkey Ville Jacob finds monkeys acting human like in their ways of worshiping idols and money.
Jay breaks out in song about every 10 minutes with simple ditties that kids can recall.

Jay and Jacob have to find their way out of this monkey mayhem!
The animation is bright, whimsical, and really fun to watch!

My 6 year old son's opinion:
 "I love the funny monkeys"
What did it teach you?  "It taught me about God. God made monkeys and he made humans and they are not the same."

I love how this show tackles the views of evolution for the very young viewer. It shares that we are not from monkeys, but precious children of God. Kids will be inudated with lies about evolution as soon as they are able to understand. This is a great 'seed' to be planted in their hearts to remind them that they are fearfully and wonderfully made!

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