Thursday, July 18, 2013

Funzee Adult Onesie *Review

Have you ever watched your infant or toddler all snuggled in and wish they made a nice cozy onesie for adults?
Your wish has come true with Funzee!

Funzee USA is the home of the Adult Onesie

These soft and cozy pajamas will make you want to stay in your pj's all day long. They are so wonderfully soft and comfortable! Easily can be used as lounge wear so you can wear them all day long!
I was able to try out the Retro Funzee for review.  Funzee is a UK based company and has only recently started selling in the USA. I am super glad they did!

 You can purchase the funzee with or without a hood. The hood is great for really getting nestled in and warmed up! It is a light weight hood so you really don't even notice it is there if you aren't using it.

 Many one piece pajamas feel tight on me when I wear them. They don't stretch like I need for sitting and moving around. The Funzee moved and bent wonderfully. I can sit, lay down, and even help clean up my daughters bedroom in comfort!

Sizes run from XS to XXL, see the sizing chart HERE as sizing is primarily based on your height.
My 11 year old has been bugging me since I got my funzee to buy one for him! I told him they are adult pajamas, and he just won't relent. I may have to get him an XS for Christmas to surprise him! Unisex sizing allows the funzee to work for both men and women.

The Funzee was the most comfortable pajamas I have tried in a long time! I was afraid the horizontal stripes would enhance my need to lose weight, but it was so busy and bright that it really didn't make me look any larger. Those thing are important you know for women.

The funzee has nice large front pockets, something I really love in a pajama. Ever notice pajama's don't have pockets? I am always having to use pockets for my phone or an item the kids are having me hold on to.

Check out the Full Range of  Funzee outfits including Polar Fleece and Robes.

Find Funzees on Facebook and welcome them to the USA!!

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