Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Five in a Row in ABC format!

I will be homeschooling 5 children again this year. I graduated my oldest, and now my youngest will be starting Kindergarten. I remember using Five in a Row for my oldest two when they were young, and some of their best memories of homeschooling was during that season. I don’t want to miss that with my younger 
group of kids. 

I have a K, 3rd and 6th who didn’t do much with FIAR. I want to utilize FIAR this year certainly for my K and 3rd. The blessing of FIAR is that it gives you the basis of where to start, but you can add rabbit trails and unit studies galore to work with any age group. By utilizing unit studies I can teach science, history, cooking and art class to three students at one time. This significantly helps my school day when I can have multiple kids together. I can utilize the older one to read some of the go-alongs to the little ones, and by being a helper, he often times learns more that way. 

I am excited to have many of the FIAR books from the 4 volumes after years of collecting. These are my special books and I am excited to spend some time diving in to them this year. 

Blogging through the ABC’s has been a fun event I have enjoyed this year, though I was sporadic at times. I thought why not incorporate the FIAR books and blogging through the ABC’s together. Plus that gives the my kindergartener a letter of the week option as well!

I searched through my manuals and looked at the books I had and came up with our list for the year. 

I present the ABC’s of Five in a Row!

A Angelo
B Bears  * Another Celebrated Dancing Bear
C Climbing Kansas Mountain
D Ducks *Make Way for Ducklings
E Elephants * Babar to Duet or not to Duet
F Ferdinand the Bull
G Giraffe that Walked to Paris
H Higgins Bend Song and Dance
I Islands *Arabella
J Japan *Grass Sandals
K Katy and the Big Snow
L Little Nino’s Pizza
M Mailing May
N Night of the Moonjellies
O Owl Moon
P Pumpkin Runner
Q Quilting * The Rag Coat
R The Raft
S Snowflake Bentley
T Tale of Peter Rabbit
U ?
V Very Last First Time
W Warm as Wool
X RoXaboXen
Y Young in the Mountains
Z Mrs. KatZ and Tish

Ok so I did take some liberties and stretch it a bit, but I wanted to fit in as many as I could. As of right now my U is still unknown, but I will get to that by then.
I have several books from Volume 4 as I did use some of the FIAR books last year with the kids and have yet to do much with the Volume 4 collection. I thought these may be a bit ‘older’ for my 3rd grader as well.
I will be utilizing individual English, Reading, Writing, and Math for each of the three students.
The 6th grader will also have his own American History and possibly Science, but we will involve in as much as he would like. 

I want to expand on some of the geography and map skills this year with FIAR as well, perhaps using Galloping the Globe and Cantering the Country to voyage beyond what we have in FIAR.
I love as a homeschooler that I can meld together different curriculum, different ideas and make it work for us. Though FIAR says ages 7-8 on it, it truly can be a jumping off point for older students as well.
These unit studies will be the core of of our school year as we travel through the ABC’s. I will share more as I continue planning and organizing my thoughts and paperwork to get started mid August. 


  1. Wow, Melanie! It looks like you are ready to go! I too have a college kid and a little (1st grade) and have enjoyed "starting over" despite my initial fears. Have a fun time with FIAR!

  2. I have heard such wonderful things about this curriculum. It looks like you are all ready for beginning your year. I have a bit more planning/organizing to do! :-)

  3. Love the list! I used something similar to this with my smallest as well :) Have fun!

  4. Love the list of books with the letters. We used FIAR for our first. May look into it again as we are beginning the next one in Pre-K/PreSchool work. Definitely going to use your book list. that is a great list to correspond with learning the letters. Thanks.