Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fine Art Prints by Classical Composers Monthly *Review & Giveaway

Classical Composers Monthly helps homeschool parents share the arts with their children! Organized and ready to share, Classical Composers takes the research and workload off of the parents and allows us to simply share the great Artists with our kids!
Each month you can subscribe to receive a themed collection of resources.

I have always desired to have an Artist of the Month in our homeschool, but beyond the first month we never got a hold of it! Just so much basic school we have to accomplish. I want the kids to at least be exposed. To in the least know some of the very famous paintings and be able to recognize who they are by.

Classical Composers Monthly's latest project is The Fine Art Pages resource! Branching beyond Classical music, into Fine Artists. Perfect solution for this busy mom to expose the kids to the great works of art!

This is a collection of 25 Fine Art Prints that you print out on your own printer. It includes the famous painting and information about it all on a 8 by 11 page. Just print them out, and hang them around the house!
Make a game out of changing up the prints and asking the kids questions about them. Hang them in the bathroom, in the hallway and even have one in the kitchen to reflect on. The kids will be exposed and they won't even realize it! My daughter just walked by and asked what the above print was. So excited to share the other 24 with her and to increase all of our knowledge. This program works great with our high school requirement of History of the Fine Arts as well!

This collection includes artwork from Monet, Degas, Renoir, Rembrandt and more.
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The Fine Art Pages is currently selling for $9.95 and will increase to $14.95

My printer only has black currently as I need to purchase the other cartridge. Another thing to add to my 'Getting ready for school' list! I am excited to get these printed out and use some Contact Paper to laminate it. We have 3 bathrooms that I plan to hang them in and rotate them out! They have some great suggestions on how to use these prints and I am definitely going to go for it! The work has already been done for me, what a huge blessing.

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  1. We have lots of good books they can scroll through and discuss. In the fall I'm planning on doing a series once a month featuring an artist and a composer

  2. We haven't been learning about great artists much. We did a review of ARTistic Pursuits a while back and learned a little about artists then, but it is something I would like to add into our homeschool day.

  3. I haven't really talked about artists with my grand kids, but my grandson is very into art projects and creating things. This would be a good way to start the conversation with him.
    Sherry Compton

  4. I haven't really introduced the kids to the Great Artists. This would be an excellent way to do so.

  5. I haven't started introducing great artists yet. This would be perfect timing.

  6. well I only have one daughter the other is dead and we would go to the museum and looke at all the different things and we had gone to washing dc to some of the smithsotian places

  7. We read about them and discuss ones they learn about at school.

  8. I don't have any children, but I do have my nieces and nephews who love looking at the art prints we have on the wlls.
    Michelle Tucker