Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dolled Up to Die ~ Lorena McCourtney *Review

Dolled up to Die
The Cate Kinkaid Files Book 2
Lorena McCourtney

I was first introduced to Cate Kinkaid in Dying to Read (see my review HERE), where young Cate had come to stay with her Uncle and learn the trade of Private Investigator. You do not have to read the first to enjoy the 2nd book. I will try to not give anything away in this book that you could find out in the 1st so you can read that one too!

Cate gets a frantic call about a triple homicide, and hearing that the police were reluctant to show up, sends Cate out on her own to help Jo-Jo. Hilariously, the murders were of life like size dolls that Jo-Jo makes! Unfortunately, Jo-Jo's ex husband Eddie is found murdered as well, making Jo-Jo look like a definite suspect.
Cate searches for answers in how Eddie died by contacting his current wife, blond, not so brilliant Kim and her super eccentric Mother Celeste. The characters in this book are certainly 'out there' but Cate does such a great job of working with them, and being a godly example and confidante.
The book moves very quickly and has quite a few characters. I didn't get confused with anyone so that clearly meant Lorena did a great job of describing everyone so I could keep them all straight.

Another thing I love about this series is Cate and her beau Mitch have been dating for awhile now, and they are taking it slow and just working as friends. I love how they don't rush into a relationship, but we can slowly see it growing. That is something we don't always get to see in novels, slow progression of relationships!

“Available July 15, 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

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