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Classical Conversations a TOS *Review

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When I think of  Classical Conversations ,I picture a group that several of my homeschool friends belong to where they work together once a week on specific subjects. It has always sounded like a very detailed, parent led community using the classical approach to education. I was thrilled to find that as a TOS reviewer we would have the opportunity to take a peak at some of what Classical Conversations has to offer. 

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I found it ironic that as we were working through the PreScripts Cursive Words and Drawing 
book that we heard from two sources how cursive writing is becoming a thing of the past and 'archaic'. I picture cursive as a form of art work, a form of writing that if not practiced, will not be able to be read by future generations. We learned that the public schools in our area no longer teach cursive. Also we heard on a national Christian radio station how not only schools but companies feeling it is becoming obsolete due to the computer.

I have always loved cursive, and want my kids to be able to read and write it, despite the 'old world' feel to it! How will they read their great grandparents letters to me as a child, if they aren't taught the language?

I was thrilled with the Prescripts books. My eleven year old, not as thrilled. He subscribes to the archaic thought process of cursive. It was not a fight however for him to do his workbook. It is very quickly accomplished in a daily regimen. It only took a few minutes to do the writing portion and I would give him the option if he wanted to do the drawing portion. The drawing was something he really enjoyed.
I was blessed that my 8 year old daughter when she would see her brother doing his cursive, told me "I want to learn to write like that!". Guess what we will be sure to add for her this coming 3rd grade year.

Prescripts Cursive Words and Writing sells for $12.99. You can see some sample pages HERE
I love the use of scripture for copy-work in this book. This is geared for young children ages, (5-10) but I do feel it is useful for those who are older who may have not had much practice in cursive.This is a consumable workbook that can be utilized for a complete school year. As with any form of art, mastery is accomplished with more practice. I plan on utilizing at least one page a day and perhaps moving into the next book within the same school year. With the suggested age being 5 to begin I am even considering my youngest getting started just to start to have the knowledge of cursive writing and the flow of the pen.

There are additional books in the series;
Cursive Letters and Coloring
Cursive Sentences and Art Lessons
Cursive Passages and Illuminations

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