Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bee Naturals Natural Skin Care *Review

Bee Naturals all began with the Creme Skin Bars. Nurse Barbara Chappuis had extremely dry hands from her job as a nurse, so she developed her own solution for her dry, cracked skin with natural ingredients. Her research led to a fantastic healing bar, with her rejuvenated hands for proof!

Bee Naturals now runs the gamete in natural health and beauty products.

Hand Washes
Skin Sanitizer
A Complete Baby Care Collection
and more.

Their skin care products continue to be part of their core line, and I was thrilled to try them!
The Almond Skin Creme Bar was very moisturizing and luxurious. I have made 'lotion bars' in the past, and mine did not have the silky smooth feel like this one does. This contains all natural ingredients including beeswax and smells wonderful! Love the container for ease of use and carrying in her purse.
 .95 ounces for $6.95

 The Ultra Rich Pure Shampoo and Body Bar comes in a very large bar. I loved how it made my skin clean and is naturally unscented. It is a very good soap bar for those with skin sensitivity.  I did try it on my hair. It made a fantastic lather, but it almost stripped my hair of it's natural oils I felt. I love it as a body soap but didn't care for it as a shampoo. My husband has short hair and he was able to use it successfully without it drying his hair out. I would recommend it for shorter hair if you utilize it for the shampoo portion.

 The Glow Body Butter is great for an all over body creme. It has a light mango, vanilla fragrance. It is very nourishing as it contains shea and cocoa butters. It is a thicker creme that can go a long way. It gives just a little bit of shine to it, great for showing off your summer tan!


 I also tried a lip Natural Lip Gloss. Have you tried lip glosses where right after you try it your lips are stuck together and feel tacky? I can't stand that feeling! The lip gloss from Bee Naturals is smooth, soft and no tackiness at all. Perfect for a nice moisturizer with just a hint of color.

I highly recommend Bee Naturals products. They have a fantastic selection, all natural ! Their prices are outstanding as well.

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  2. Their skin care products continue haemorrhoid treatment to be part of their core line, and I was thrilled to try them!