Monday, July 8, 2013

A Pie for a Pig by Susan Pace-Koch *Review

Get Out Books recently released it's latest book!
A Pie for Pig by Susan Pace-koch
Illustrated by Jack Wiens

This book is absolutely adorable! Susan takes a specific pie and relates it to a pig's life. Jack Wiens does an incredible job of bringing these pigs to life and making them  human like in their love of pie! They eat it, jump into it and take them to the fair.

The writing is very simple and rhyming and corresponds with the months of the year. The words and illustrations don't indicate specifically, but there are 12 pies and they match wonderfully to the months of the year beginning with January's Lemon Meringue's fluffy peaks. The snowy illustrations make the thought of yummy citrus on a cold night even more enticing.
Sweet Potato Pie shows a farmer pig digging up her potatoes while a nice hot pie sits near by. The illustrations are so good you can smell each pie!

What is your favorite kind of pie? After looking through this book I think I could eat a piece of each kind and would certainly feel like a pig afterward.

By the end of the book you forget that pigs really don't eat pie, and instead you are salivating and trying to decide which pie is coming next. This would make an excellent monthly calendar to hang up along with a recipe for the pie. Maybe it would encourage me to make a new pie each month!

Susan even includes a recipe at the end for pigs favorite kind of pie.. Mud Pie!

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  1. We thank you! Working with Jack Wiens on this book was like opening a Christmas present each time new art arrived!