Thursday, June 13, 2013

What Would the Founding Fathers Think? By David Bowman *Review

History has always been a hard subject for our family to study in home school. The teacher (Me) has only begun to have an enjoyment of learning about history, and with that, really enjoy the hands on learning much more than boring old text books.

I was super excited to see the book by David Bowman, What Would the Founding Fathers Think?
It is a guide for young people on what makes our nation great and how we have strayed from that.
We start out with 3 facts
1. The US was and is the greatest nation on Earth
2. Today the US in in serious trouble
3. You (speaking to the kids) will inherit the US and all of it's problems in a few short years.

The illustrations in the book are caricature in nature and really make the book. My 14 year old saw it and actually thumbed through the entire book on the first day.. and this kid is NOT a reader or bookworm. That is a thumbs up already!

Washington, Franklin and Madison give the reader a glimpse of where we have been so far in this country, and where we are going. Basically we have forgotten our roots.
To talk to the young people of today they use SKYPE and CHAT to reach them!

David Bowman makes history fun and exciting! Using terms kids understand, mixing in some humor and great illustrations, this is a great foundational book to get kids thinking about the future of the USA and what their role is in it!

 This book will definitely be one we utilize in our home school when we study American History! It is well worth the read. 

David Bowman’s passion is teaching and working with youth. He has taught at a high school level and is a popular youth motivational speaker, traveling around the country to speak at various venues. David is the author/illustrator of several books for young audiences, including the best-selling Who’s Your Hero series. In addition, David is the artist of the Christian art series titled “Expressions of Christ.”
David is also passionate about restoring this nation back to its founding principles. Along with authoring this book, he is actively involved with the American Academy for Constitutional Education and other conservative groups. David and his wife, Natalie, and their four children live in Arizona.

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