Thursday, June 27, 2013

What to Know about Teething Children

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Teething is the process where a child grows their first set of teeth. It is usually painful and uncomfortable for them, so it is important that you can recognize the signs and know what to do to help them. You may even want to go to a Wichita pediatric dentist if the pain is too much for your baby. However, by knowing the following things, you should be able to handle the situation fairly well on your own.

The Signs of Teething

Teething usually starts when your child is about six months old. This age may vary slightly for every child, but you can expect it to start around then. It can happen as early as three months and start as late as one year. You can usually see the lower front teeth come in first. The rest will follow and should all be present at age three. You may notice that your children are especially fussy when they are teething. This is because they are uncomfortable. They may refuse to eat or drink because their mouth is in pain. They may bite down on toys or fingers to try to get rid of the pain. They may drool a lot, and get a rash on their chins as a result.

What to Do

If your child seems to be struggling with the pain of teething, there are a few things you can do. First, you may want to give your child a small pain reliever that is made for a child of his or her age. Many parents choose to use ibuprofen as a pain reliever for small children. However, you may want to speak to a doctor or a Wichita pediatric dentist before giving your child any drugs. You can also use your finger or a teething ring to rub your child’s gums. Though he or she may not like it at first, your child will eventually find it helpful in getting rid of pain. Lastly, buy teething rings or other toys that your child can chew on. The pressure from chewing will help relieve the uncomfortable feeling and will help your child want to eat and drink.


  1. That's a really educative post. I'm not sure what to expect when the baby's gonna be teething.

  2. Thanks for this post I was really starting to think my 3 1/2 month old was teething he is constantly chewing on his hands or blanket and he has started to soak his shirts. He must be an early one :)