Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vehicle Repair Expert Tips on Extending Your Car’s Life

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Experts on vehicle repair in New Orleans know all kinds of tricks to extend the life of your car. A good mechanic will not only repair any issues, but they also will offer you some advice on maintaining your vehicle as well. Here are three surprising ways to extend the life of your car that would make your mechanic proud.

Lighten That Key Chain Load

You may be one of those people that keep a myriad of items on the end of your keychain, but did you know that the pepper spray, photos, Chap Stick, scissors, and keys are actually causing damage to your car? When you drive down the road, you hit a lot of bumps, and these bumps cause your keychain to bounce up and down, pulling on the ignition. All of this bouncing can wear down the tumblers in your ignition, causing an expensive repair. Lightening your key chain can add years to your ignition switch. Just note that if your ignition feels like it is sticking when you turn on your car, it is a sign that you need a new one. Get it replaced before it breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

Park in the Shade

Extended UV light can cause the paint on your car to deteriorate prematurely. It also affects your car’s interior as well by causing upholstery to fade or crack. A garage is always the best choice if you are looking for a place to park, but the next best thing is to find a shady spot. If there is no shade in sight, you can buy a windshield cover to protect your car’s interior. The covers come in many different styles that can show your personality and protect your car at the same time.


Keep Up on Maintenance

If you want to extend the life of your car, keeping up on your car’s maintenance schedule is vital. You may think that you are doing fine by changing the oil in your car, but car maintenance is more than that. The best way to know what maintenance is required to keep your car in top shape is to talk to your expert on vehicle repair New Orleans. It will add longevity to your vehicle and will let you drive with peace of mind.

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