Wednesday, June 5, 2013

See the Light *Review

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See the Light is a beautiful combination of artistic lessons and biblical inspiration. They offer a great variety of DVD art projects for all ages and artistic styles. We had such a hard time choosing our favorite! I let my 11 year old choose which he would prefer and he thought Pointillism Fruit looked like a fun project to start with. Each video is $14.99 which I found to be a great price for the instruction that is included. 

This DVD is geared for ages 10+ and we tried it with 4 of us. The beauty of a DVD is that you can line up a whole group of kids and everyone can work together on the same project. The younger ones did a good job as well, though I do feel that the 11 year old understood the concept better.

The Pointillism is inspired by Georges Seurat and the DVD incorporates art history in each lesson. Artist Pat includes great Biblical insights in each lesson as well. This art project features 4 lessons, each approx 25 minutes in length (total DVD run time is 90 mins). There is a full list of all the materials you will need, many you will have on hand. For this project we used craft paint and Q-tips to paint with. 

First we each drew our fruit. We had different angles on the fruit, so the oldest chose to add a banana in from his perspective, while we had grapes. I would recommend using similar fruit to what the artist does, just to be able to utilize the same colors initially. We were ok with the orange, but the grapes with the purple hues made us have to think a little bit more to come up with the correct pointillism colors.

Painting with Q-tips made for an easy clean up! I thought this was a great idea for trying out Pointillism and it worked great. You can see how the color combinations really make the fruit stand out. We learned much about the color wheel in the DVD as well.

I loved how the DVD took one aspect of art and a style of design and kept with it to make one project. It really helped my kids dig in deeper to a style, rather than dabbling here and there. I will be adding several other DVD's to our collection for the upcoming year's lessons. This was an art program that worked well with several of my kids at one time and that is always a plus in a larger family!

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  1. :) My Middlest used a chair as the "Table" for his fruit as well! :) funny that he wasn't the only one! :)