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Moving Beyond the Page *Review

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Moving Beyond the Page is an integrated Unit Study style program that uses a combination of literature, science and history to bring learning beyond just sitting at a desk and filling out workbook pages!
Moving Beyond the Page studies are divided in age groups beginning with 4/5 up through 12-14.
The curriculum is available in both physical and online versions.

Moving Beyond the Page also has comprehensive curriculum programs that will last your student a year. These are available in all of the age ranges. If you really enjoy the concept of integrating language arts, science and history this will be a program you will want to explore further. All you need to add in is Math.

In addition, they have divided the complete curriculum up into 12 units, where you can purchase and utilize just one unit as a supplement to your current curriculum.

We chose to work with Sarah Plain and Tall literature guide book. This comes with the physical copy of Sarah Plain and Tall by Patricia  . Together the online curriculum along with a hard copy of the book sells for $18.92

We also received The Land from the science portion of the program. We have the physical copy of this and the book Maps and Mapping by and they come together for the price of  $24.98. The online version is available for $20.92

I highly recommend the Maps and Mapping book as it was very informative and written for an elementary level student.

It is recommended to spend approx 3 hours with your student working on science, language arts and social studies. This felt a bit too long for us, even broken up in time frames so we reduced it. We were bogged down at first with a lot of workbook pages so we took them a few at a time and then would come back and do a few more. The Land book is very informative on learning about maps. I really felt my kids have missed out on some key geography and mapping skills and was excited about this book. My daughter is enjoying learning about where she is on a map and then being able to look at a variety of maps. All of the materials we needed for the lessons were clearly noted at the beginning of each lesson. You will need a town map which we were able to get at our Chamber of Commerce.

These combined units are meant to be done in 19 days. If done daily would be approx 4 weeks. This has been a great addition to our summer to keep us doing a bit of school and getting used to Moving Beyond the Page. My 5 year old has enjoyed sitting in and hearing us read Sarah Plain and Tall and learning about her journeys west. I think there is some leeway in the ages recommended as far as being able to use some portions with younger students as well. The only thing I wish is that it could be used with the stair step up brother in addition as I like to combine as many subjects as I can to keep my day from being to long. It was some good one on one time with my daughter however and she was very eager to work on it. Finally I think I have a student who likes to do school!

I do not think we would do a complete years worth of curriculum in this format, simply because I like to dabble in a few different formats, programs and curriculum. I am leaning toward working with The Sign of the Beaver this coming school year as it actually will correspond to an American History lesson with the older brothers. Any opportunity where I can combine, I take it!

See a sample lesson from Sarah Plain and Tall HERE.

The Crew has reviewed all of the age categories with Moving Beyond the Page. Click the banner below to see what they thought of some of the other products!


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  1. Very interesting on this curriculum. I like the idea of combining as many subjects as possible so day isn't so long. I did this with my grand children when I home schooled them.