Friday, June 7, 2013

Math Mammoth *Review

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Math Mammoth is aptly named, it has helped us take on the Mammoth responsibility of learning Math! The vastness of materials available are also mammoth.

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We used the Blue Series which is geared for grades 1-8
We used

Multiplication 1 grades 2-3 $5 download, $9.20 physical copy
Multiplication 2 grade 4 $4.25 download, $10.95 physical copy
Fractions grades 4 & 5 $4.50 download, $9.20 physical copy

and that really is just a teeny sample of what Math Mammoth offers for all ages!

My 11 year old has actually been brought to tears over working his division problems, simply because he hadn't had his multiplication facts memorized. We had tried to memorize them, but weren't successful in sticking with it and going in a orderly fashion. Math Mammoth has given him confidence and success in working with this multiplication! There are grade suggestions with each product, but they really work for any level that your child is at. I know we struggle more with some areas of math more than others, and Math Mammoth has helped us take some extra practice on those specific areas without having to reinforce math concepts that are already mastered.

We received a download link for each of these products. I went ahead and had my hubby print them off for me. I struggle to work on the computer, and print only what I need. I prefer to have it in hand so that I can just flip through what we are working on at the time. They do have workbooks that you can order and I think I will go this route in the future. 

At first the website was a bit overwhelming to me, simply because there are so many options! There are videos, sample pages, information galore! For me I have 4 children that really could benefit from this program so I was all over the place looking at their information.

There is a placement test available to see exactly where your child may fall in the Math instruction line up. I know as a homeschooler we tend to stray from the actual grade that the kids are in at times.

For larger families there is an all inclusive bundle download for $192 which will cover all of the Mammoth instruction.

The pdf workbook does allow for online annotation if you prefer them to work on the computer to write their answers directly into the form. I chose not to use this as my children get distracted easily when at the computer. For some however this would be a great way to save on printing and paper costs.

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  1. Thank you for bringing this to my attention! My daughter is much stronger with language than with math and I'm looking to strengthen those skills. I think $192 for a whole family license is a great deal and I'll be checking this out!