Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Indescribable A True Story Based on a Christian Hymn *Review

Eight Centuries. Two Men. One Song.

Amid financial pressures and the uncertainties of World War I, Pastor Frederick Lehman begins to compose a song about the love of God. When Frederick gets stuck on the third verse, his ten-year-old son, Blynn, calls a sibling council to help Papa finish the song. While the Lehman kids get to work, they waste a lot of paper, explore an old asylum, meet a real Jewish Rabbi, and learn about events that took place over eight centuries earlier.

As Blynn grapples with feelings of failure and grief, it's up to Frederick to help his son discover the truth about God's love. The true story of how the classic hymn "The Love of God" came to be, Indescribable features the vocals of gospel music singer Guy Penrod.

 Dove Family Approved for all ages, this film is a great Family Movie Night feature! Along with ten year old Blynn, he has several siblings to help him in their secret society, to help father write his song. If he can only finish the son, he can help the family in economical hard times. Even as Frederick and Blynn take additional jobs as their congregation can not afford to pay them a full time salary, they work on brainstorming the song. Blynn finds a lyric that he likes, but realizes he needs to find the source in order to ask permission to use it. His hunt for the author leads him to a Jewish Rabbi who shares of another Jewish Rabbi from years gone by. 

This was a very well done movie, utilizing two time periods, but with two men after God's heart. The family was large which I always love to see in movies! I personally do not know this hymn, so the meaning of uncovering that portion was lost on me. I would love to see more movies done about what inspires the different hymns that are tradition in our churches today. 

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