Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How Frames Do More Than Display Art

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Artwork can add a unique touch to a room, whether it is placed to add to the existing style of décor or to create a bolder statement. But you aren’t about to start nailing holes through a treasured piece of art, or your certifications, family photos, and other priceless items. Instead, people choose to have these items framed. Frames come in a variety of styles, such as modern, American, French, and Oriental. For more ideas on the different styles available for frames, visit or a similar site.

Benefits of Framing
Frames in essence provide people with a way to display items for others to see and enjoy without having to damage the item itself. But frames also preserve art and other pieces from environmental hazards, such as dust or moisture, by providing them with a protective case. Besides lengthening the life of your item, frames may add to the décor of your home, coming in a variety of design choices. In fact, the design options for frames are almost endless, with differences in sizes, shapes from rectangular to oval, colors, and material choice. You may choose a sleek metal, a classic wood, or something ornate. You may have them glazed, painted, or stained.  Frames can be finely detailed, inlayed, smooth, or only detailed in the corners. They can add to a work of art, draw greater attention to a piece, or provide bold detail to a simple mirror.

Custom Framing

While frames may be purchased from a department store, custom framing allows you to choose the materials and designs specifically for your item. Depending on the item you are framing, custom framing will also give you the option of the matting and glass used for your piece. The proper matting and glass can assist in adding to the preservation of your art, photo, or other framed items. Many custom framing companies may also provide you with other services, such as mirrors or art prints. A good custom framing company may include installation services, looking for unique ways to best display your items. For more information on additional services and products of a custom frame company, visit or find another custom framing company in your area.

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