Saturday, June 29, 2013

Firmoo Global Optical *Review

Firmoo Eyewear is an global online prescription eyeglass company. I simply had to get the eye prescription I had from my last optometrist appointment, and follow the easy steps to ordering my glasses. The Firmoo team makes order online super simple and easy to follow. I typically go with either brown or black frames so this time I thought I would switch it up a bit with these Frames.

It did take a little while for my eyes to adjust to these glasses for some reason. I wear a pretty heavy prescription. I would look straight on through the glasses and everything looked perfect. When I looked out at an angle though it felt blurry. Overtime I got used to them a little bit more. I typically only wear glasses at night right before bed so it took some time for my eyes to adjust. Perhaps my length between my pupils measurement was just a titch off to make that happen? I am not really sure.

 I tried a pair of sunglasses as well. These were not prescription, but work great in this hot Kentucky sunshine! I typically wear smaller shades, but I did like these. With them being a bit larger, the kids didn't want to borrow them!

Firmoo is fantastic with their customer service. They send you emails throughout the process of your glasses. If an item is out of stock or something is delaying the process, they will let you know. I think that good customer service is really important as we are depending so much on the internet, we don't see the customer service aspect as much. 

Their First Pair Free program allows you to try out their prescription glasses and sunglasses. Each new customer to Firmoo can take advantage of this great offer! All you pay is shipping. So why not give Firmoo a try? With your first pair free, and great prices after that, you can be styling the glasses and have several pair to match your outfits!

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