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1:Face Watch Giveaway Event

What better way to celebrate the Land of the Free than Free Giveaways!?
Welcome to the Red, White, and Blue Event hosted by the Blogging Mamas Network.  We're celebrating Independence Day with a bang - an Event full of giveaways!  Each giveaway is either patriotic, made in the USA, OR color themed!  So, be sure to hop around and see the fun, unique prizes at every blog!

1:Face Watch is changing the world 1:Face at a time. Their watch box states "This is Not a Watch". It is so much more than that! With each watch purchased you make an impact on a global level. Each watch color is associated with a cause and clearly indicates what your purchase impacts.

There are 7 different causes being supported with 1:Face Watch.  Cancer, Hunger, Environment, Water, Breast Cancer, Education and Aids.

Red provides Aids treatment for 5 people through the Keep a Child Alive charity. When you purchase a watch from 1:Face Watch you  know exactly what your money is supporting.

What an impact you can make, simply by choosing where to buy your next watch! These watches are a great quality watch with a large, easy to read face. They are eye catching, making it easy to share with others how they can get involved.

"Half of the world lives on less than $2 a day"

1FACEWATCH TRAILER & METRICS from Mirza Minds on Vimeo.

Enter to win a Red Face Watch during the Red White and Blue Giveaway Event and know that you can make a difference. America is Land of the Free and with so much prosperity, we can surely lend a helping hand to our global neighbors.

 Red 1:Face Watch
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Now that you've entered to win on my blog, be sure to hop around to all the other bloggers offering fun, patriotic giveaways.  If you're a cloth diapering fan, you'll want to check out the color themed giveaway from Thirsties - an USA cloth diaper company! 


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According to Jenny, So Easy Being Green, the Blogging Mamas Network, and the Red, White, and Blue participating bloggers are not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill prize obligations.

Moving Beyond the Page *Review

 photo title_zps55bc9663.jpg

Moving Beyond the Page is an integrated Unit Study style program that uses a combination of literature, science and history to bring learning beyond just sitting at a desk and filling out workbook pages!
Moving Beyond the Page studies are divided in age groups beginning with 4/5 up through 12-14.
The curriculum is available in both physical and online versions.

Moving Beyond the Page also has comprehensive curriculum programs that will last your student a year. These are available in all of the age ranges. If you really enjoy the concept of integrating language arts, science and history this will be a program you will want to explore further. All you need to add in is Math.

In addition, they have divided the complete curriculum up into 12 units, where you can purchase and utilize just one unit as a supplement to your current curriculum.

We chose to work with Sarah Plain and Tall literature guide book. This comes with the physical copy of Sarah Plain and Tall by Patricia  . Together the online curriculum along with a hard copy of the book sells for $18.92

We also received The Land from the science portion of the program. We have the physical copy of this and the book Maps and Mapping by and they come together for the price of  $24.98. The online version is available for $20.92

I highly recommend the Maps and Mapping book as it was very informative and written for an elementary level student.

It is recommended to spend approx 3 hours with your student working on science, language arts and social studies. This felt a bit too long for us, even broken up in time frames so we reduced it. We were bogged down at first with a lot of workbook pages so we took them a few at a time and then would come back and do a few more. The Land book is very informative on learning about maps. I really felt my kids have missed out on some key geography and mapping skills and was excited about this book. My daughter is enjoying learning about where she is on a map and then being able to look at a variety of maps. All of the materials we needed for the lessons were clearly noted at the beginning of each lesson. You will need a town map which we were able to get at our Chamber of Commerce.

These combined units are meant to be done in 19 days. If done daily would be approx 4 weeks. This has been a great addition to our summer to keep us doing a bit of school and getting used to Moving Beyond the Page. My 5 year old has enjoyed sitting in and hearing us read Sarah Plain and Tall and learning about her journeys west. I think there is some leeway in the ages recommended as far as being able to use some portions with younger students as well. The only thing I wish is that it could be used with the stair step up brother in addition as I like to combine as many subjects as I can to keep my day from being to long. It was some good one on one time with my daughter however and she was very eager to work on it. Finally I think I have a student who likes to do school!

I do not think we would do a complete years worth of curriculum in this format, simply because I like to dabble in a few different formats, programs and curriculum. I am leaning toward working with The Sign of the Beaver this coming school year as it actually will correspond to an American History lesson with the older brothers. Any opportunity where I can combine, I take it!

See a sample lesson from Sarah Plain and Tall HERE.

The Crew has reviewed all of the age categories with Moving Beyond the Page. Click the banner below to see what they thought of some of the other products!


Zoe Clothing Company *Review

Zoe Clothing Company is a Christian clothing company based in California. Our new lives in Christ define who we are and Zoe in the Greek means life. It is Zoe Clothing Company's desire to share God's living and perfect word in contemporary designed fashions.

They offer Adoption, Loving your Neighbor, Living Sacrifice, Fruits of the Spirit and more in Women's, Men's and Youth sizes.

Preach the Gospel shirt is a great reminder that the gospel needs to be repeated daily, not just to those around us, but to ourselves. Fill yourself daily with the Word of God so that you can share with others. This t-shirt is a great quality, soft cotton that will soon become one of your favorites!

The Living Sacrifice shirt really spoke to my heart. I love the reminder to myself and others that we are to be deep in the trenches with God as a living sacrifice to spread the gospel message. That we are daily taking up our crosses and being a living sacrifice for Him. I love the graffiti style print that boldly states the message.

Zoe Clothing offers quality products with a clear gospel message! These are great designs to make your statement this coming school year whether you are in college or still in grade school. Gospel shirts clearly share with others you thoughts and beliefs and make you more approachable to reach others for Jesus.

Zoe Clothing company can be found on
Twitter @zoeclothingco

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Firmoo Global Optical *Review

Firmoo Eyewear is an global online prescription eyeglass company. I simply had to get the eye prescription I had from my last optometrist appointment, and follow the easy steps to ordering my glasses. The Firmoo team makes order online super simple and easy to follow. I typically go with either brown or black frames so this time I thought I would switch it up a bit with these Frames.

It did take a little while for my eyes to adjust to these glasses for some reason. I wear a pretty heavy prescription. I would look straight on through the glasses and everything looked perfect. When I looked out at an angle though it felt blurry. Overtime I got used to them a little bit more. I typically only wear glasses at night right before bed so it took some time for my eyes to adjust. Perhaps my length between my pupils measurement was just a titch off to make that happen? I am not really sure.

 I tried a pair of sunglasses as well. These were not prescription, but work great in this hot Kentucky sunshine! I typically wear smaller shades, but I did like these. With them being a bit larger, the kids didn't want to borrow them!

Firmoo is fantastic with their customer service. They send you emails throughout the process of your glasses. If an item is out of stock or something is delaying the process, they will let you know. I think that good customer service is really important as we are depending so much on the internet, we don't see the customer service aspect as much. 

Their First Pair Free program allows you to try out their prescription glasses and sunglasses. Each new customer to Firmoo can take advantage of this great offer! All you pay is shipping. So why not give Firmoo a try? With your first pair free, and great prices after that, you can be styling the glasses and have several pair to match your outfits!

Be sure to check out Firmoo on
Twitter @Firmoo

Red Apple Lipstick *Review & Giveaway

I have mentioned before in reviews that I struggled for years with wearing lipstick. It seemed that so many popular brands would make me cough and make my mouth feel itchy. As I have reviewed more natural cosmetics I have not had that problem. Interesting? My body was naturally trying to tell me to stop using those nasty chemical laden products!

Red Apple Lipstick company is:
Paraben Free
Gluten Free
Cruelty Free
Allergen Free
Mineral Based
Made in the USA

With all of those great characteristics, Red Apple Lipstick has made it's mark as the healthiest lipstick on the market in America!

I was able to try Vogue Lipstick which is a classic berry toned neutral selection. I am not typically over the top wild with lipstick colors so I stayed with what I typically love. I truly love this lipstick! It is so smooth going on, it has a shine to it, feels more like a light gloss than a heavy lipstick. Wears for hours!

I paired this with the Blush R-evolution Lip Liner which is also on the neutral scale with some orange and rose.

My young daughter loves lipgloss. I am not ready for her to wear lipstick yet, but I think a little gloss for when we go to church or somewhere special is just fine. We tried Honey Badger which has vitamin C and E. This lipgloss has mint in it as well which gives a nice soothing feel to dry lips. Some lipglosses can be sticky and tacky, but not Red Apple Lipgloss! It goes on nicely and stays looking great! A great addition for those lip lovers.

 Enter to win your choice of Lipstick or Gloss!!
US Only
Ends July 13th 

Be sure to check out Red Apple Lipstick on these Media Sites!

Caron Designs *Review & Giveaway

Caron Designs specializes in unique and whimsical designs. In many of her designs she utilizes fused glass which is just gorgeous! I enjoyed window shopping around her online shop.

Being an artist in the marketplace today is quite difficult as they compete so often with products from China and other places overseas. I have always enjoyed personalized gifts, one of a kind products, and items where love and admiration has gone into making them. These are the kinds of products I love to share with my readers!

Lisa from Caron Designs is a graduate of Notre Dame and has been an instructor for a variety of art mediums. Her work has been shown in over 250 galleries and she continues to poor into her creations.

I reviewed the items above. The earrings are simple, yet elegant. You can wear them with jeans and a shirt or use them with a dress for going out. I really enjoyed the lightness of the earrings.

I loved the jean art clip that is made with fused glass. Many of Lisa's items utilize fused glass and it was great to read about the process. Not an easy, thrown together form of art for sure!

It's a Wrap is a new product utilizing the fused glass as the centerpiece and then you can use it as a necklace, belt, scarf, headband.. let your imagination dictate. This is a great accessory to dress up your basic wardrobe.

Be sure to stop by Caron Designs and see some of their other gift ideas! They also offer gift certificates.

Visit Caron Designs on Facebook

Caron Designs is launching new products and I wanted to offer the It's a Wrap to my readers! I love it, but I want to help get the word out about Caron Designs and a Giveaway is the way to get you all excited!!

Enter using the form below!
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Ends July 13

BLACKWING PEARL Artistic Pencils *review

All pencils are not created equal. Ask them at and they will tell you! So will fine artists everywhere. We have had the privilege of trying Palomino pencils in the past and they are absolutely wonderful! The new Blackwing Pearl pencil is crafted from genuine Incense-cedar and has a balanced and smooth graphite core. This pencil falls in between the Blackwing 602 and the Palomino Blackwing in graphite firmness.

Read more about the Blackwing Legend HERE
It is claimed by many to be the best pencil in the world! I seriously think they may be right!

If you are an artist or know one, be sure to introduce them to Blackwing Pencils!

Visit Pencils.Com on
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Teespring Fundraising Apparel

There are so many worthy causes available to us to support. There are times we even have our own need to raise funds for specific charities, homeschool groups, youth sports teams or even adoption fundraising. A great way to share your fundraising need is to design a t-shirt that shares your charity or special interest and sell those t-shirts to raise money. Often times enterprises like these take a sizeable down payment and you aren't promised you will sell them all, or make all of the money back. When you are raising every dime and penny to support the mission, it is important to keep your costs low.
This is where teespring comes in!

Zero upfront costs
Zero risk!

In three easy steps your campaign can be ready to launch.
Firstly you design your tee. Here is a great video that walks you step by step through the design experience.

Next you will share your campaign page, with it's unique URL. People can pre-order without payment and once the goal is reached, the shirts will be printed! No guessing at the amount you need to pre-make. It takes the guess work out of your fundraising.

Once the goal is reached you can continue to sell shirt until the time frame of the campaign ends.
What a beautiful way to share your need with family and friends, without taking a risk!

I know for our homeschool group we have to struggle to get enough order, end up with odd sized t-shirts left at the end of the year, and kids without shirts because we didn't know exactly what we needed. This is  perfect opportunity to utilize teespring to take away the uncertainty!

Check out some of these example to inspire you!

This one was an Adoption Fundraiser

The Boston Relief fundraiser generated over 85K!

Check out teespring on these links
Twitter @teespring
Facebook Teespring

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This is a paid promotional post, all opinions however are solely my own.

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Renaissance Costumes

When I found out our Vacation Bible Theme this year was Kingdom Chronicles I knew I needed to look for 
kids renaissance costumes . My daughter was determined to be a princess for the week! We couldn't go with any of the fairy tale princesses as they didn't really fit in with the the history of the Renaissance ear. These costumes that we found at Costume Super Center were perfect for the event!Where else are you going to find great costumes in the middle of the spring? Their selection is amazing and easily broken down into topics for ease of looking. I used the search engine as I knew exactly what we were looking for.

One thing I love about the costumes from Costume SuperCenter is the quality. They are not your cheap, plastic style Halloween costumes that you often find at the discount store. The quality is beautiful, with care in the details.
The second thing I love is the price. Costume Super Center has excellent prices for the quality of costume you receive. I have seen some of the ones at the store and you pay nearly the same price for an outfit that falls apart after one wear.

Shiloh was the princess of the kingdom all week and shines like a star!

I even dressed up for the event as Lady Melanie and it was so fun sharing the experience and dressing up in Renaissance ware with my kids!
Costume Super Center is consistently our source for costumes any time of the year!