Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A.C.T.S. Service ideas!

May 6: Serve As A Family --Plan a fun day as a family to honor the mom in your life on mother's day.
May 13: Serve Your Family --Create coupons for each of your family members to use your help with something during the summer. 
May 20: Serve Your Community- Go to a local park and pick up the trash or volunteer to plant flowers.
May 27:  Serve Your World- Take a field trip to a place that recognizes fallen soldiers.  Learn about the importance of the place and time of history.  Pray for our current military and their families serving around the world.
June 2- Serve As A Family- Host a garage sale at your house and then donate the money to a good cause.
June 9- Serve Your Family-- Wash your dad's car as part of his Father's Day present!
June 16- Serve Your Community-- Make some simple cards and deliver them to a local nursing home. Most folks would love a visit!
June 23- Serve Your World--Send a care package to a missionary serving in the world.
June 30-- Serve As a Family- Host an ice cream party or BBQ for your neighborhood.
July 7- Serve Your Family- Clean something in your house without being told... go above and beyond your normal chores to serve your family. Surprise!
July 14- Serve Your Community-Set up a lemonade stand...not for making money, but for serving people with a nice cold drink on a summer day.
July 21- Serve Your World- Research an area of the world that interests you. Pray for missionaries serving there. What else could you do to help reach this area for Jesus?
July 28- Serve As A Family- It's Parent's Day! Celebrate with your siblings by making your parents a meal. There's fun ideas at

What are some other great ideas we can share with the readers??

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