Friday, April 5, 2013

Staying Modest with sister missionary apparel

What is Modest Dress?

LDS sister missionary apparel is one venue for dressing modestly. Dressing modestly does not have to look like this

Mennonite and Amish dress in a very conservative way. It is very modest, but you don't have to go to this level to achieve modest dress.
Or as many of the Muslim women do with covering their faces like this.

What exactly is modesty anyway? How would one know what modest dress entails?

Standards of modesty vary from culture to culture, but I tend to see it basically as not exposing parts of the body that should be reserved for your spouse. I also feel that modesty allows you to prevent being a stumbling block to men. To not draw sexual attraction to yourself.
It is one thing for a man to look at a woman, and find she looks pretty or is dressed well. It is another to have a man look at a woman lustfully because she is scantily clad.

Modesty doesn't mean you can't be flattering in appearance, nor well dressed and contemporary. It simply means making yourself aware of others around you and the message you  may be sending to them.

I have been intrigued by many clothing companies that market modest dress. I have always desired modest dress, being more comfortable when everything is covered up. I find it seems to be appropriate for young girls, and even grown women and both my young daughter and I do dress modestly.  I know my husband prefers modest dress, and I asked my teen boys and they agreed. They find modest dress very attractive, and humbling. It shows character in the girl wearing it, that she has taken the time to consider what she will wear, and taking the care to be modest.

Does modest apparel have to look like an old fashioned librarian? Of course not. There are beautiful dresses that cover what they should, not revealing a low neckline, nor a short dress length.
Check out some of my own personal collection, very modest yet beautiful as well.

 The purple one did have a lower neckline, and I was sure to wear half cami underneath so that when I bent over you would see the cami. I think this dress would be beautiful with a purple print scarf just to add a little less skin to it.

Modesty does not require dresses either in my opinion. Blue Jeans and slacks can be very modest if not overly tight or low rise.

Not wanting to buy all new apparel to dress modest? What about adding a nice scarf to your low neckline dress or top. Also layering with a camisole or a form fitting tank top will allow the low riding top to not dip too low when you bend down.

Short skirts? What about some capris, or pants under to make the dress look more like a tunic.

The options to accessorize what you already own are endless!

This was a paid promotion, all opinions expressed are solely my own.

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