Friday, April 12, 2013

Secrets in the Snow DVD *Review

Move over 'Breakfast Club',  meet the six students of Eastbrook High, trapped at school in a severe snowstorm.
Brant the 'religious' guy
Mary Jake the 'rich snob' girl
Lynn the 'unsure of herself' girl
Grayson the 'jock' guy
Anthony the 'new' guy
Camille the 'eccentric' girl

These 6, pretty much strangers are stuck in the high school on the last day of school before Christmas break as a huge snowstorm breaks out and their parents are unable to get through to the school to get them picked up on an early release. Six different personalities, backgrounds, life styles, put together in the school library with a teacher overseeing them. Not the way they planned for their day to go.

As they pass the time with card games, ball games and a talent show, they start to get to know one another better. They start to share the secrets that they think sets them apart, but really it is what draws them closer together. They spend the night trying to stay warm, and learn more about each other, realizing they aren't quite as different as they thought.

Super movie for the whole family. I think it will especially be meaningful to junior and senior high students who can relate to the struggles some of these kids are going through. The issues tackled are self image, economic crisis, loss of a parent, and insecurities that are common to high schoolers.

From Bridgestone Multimedia Group you can purchase your copy of Secrets in the Snow on DVD for $19.95

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