Sunday, April 14, 2013

Read with Me Bible *Review

Read with Me Bible

Read with Me Bible Deluxe edition  is a very familiar Bible to our family. This Bible has been a favorite of ours for years. My now teens used this Bible when they were young and the illustrations  have always been some of my very favorites! Now put to CD, the Read with Me Bible can be 'read' by my young ones whenever they want! I do still enjoy reading it to them myself, but there are times it is sure handy to have the CD do it for me! Still getting the Word impressed on them, but in a fun way like a 'grown up'.. reading it for themselves!

NIrV version, a tad easier for kids learning to read on their own. This Bible comes in a case with the hardbound Bible, and 2 audio CD's. Dennis Jones is a fantastic illustrator; adding so many fun details to his work that make it really stand out!

The CD's have 105 corresponding tracks to the Read with Me Bible stories. The stories vary from approx 40 seconds to over 3 minutes.

The facial expressions in the illustrations are just priceless! They make me smile each time I see them! What a fun way to share the gospel message with your 4-7 year olds! Geared at their level, to teach the Word in a way they will retain.

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