Saturday, April 6, 2013

On the Farm-Cocka Doodle Doo the Right Thing DVD *Giveaway

On the Farm with Farmer Bob
Cocka Doodle Doo the Right Thing
with Randy Travis, Vince Gill and Amy Grant

Hercules the rooster is a grouchy chicken. His one chore is to wake the farm. Even that takes some effort on his part!
Farmer Bob is having a special guest over for dinner and he announces to the animals his plans at the breakfast table. A table where all of the animals are sitting down with Farmer Bob and eating breakfast!.
To get ready for the guest, the animals all need to clean up their toys, books and the barnyard. Farmer Bob must leave for the day and leaves the animals in charge of getting everything ready for their visitor. Hercules won't pitch in to help, he thinks he is too important to help. 
"Your not too good to lend a hand" was a quote I loved from the show!

Sam the ram found $20 while cleaning up, and spent it on treats since noone was around to claim it. Come to find out it belonged to their guest, who showed up early and they didn't even realize he was the guest. Mr. Sanchez works out a deal with Sam to help pay back the $20.

The video also included a Letter C song and a music video by Sam the Ram.

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  1. My favorite farm animal is a sheep
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  2. Horses are beautiful!

  3. My favorite farm animal is the lamb..

  4. My favorite farm animal is a goat.

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