Monday, April 22, 2013

MVP Most Valuable Primate MVP2 Most Vertical Primate DVD *Review

From the Directors of Air Buddies..

MVP Most Valuable Primate

 Super cute Family Friendly Film!! This 2000 film is being brought back courtesy of Kaboom Entertainment and Phase 4 Films.

I love watching movies like this where we can see all that monkeys can do. They don't even have to 'act', they are funny all by themselves!

 When Jack, a sign language-speaking chimp, is sold to a research lab, he makes a break for freedom - and ends up stranded in the frozen northlands. Befriended by two teens, Jack's talent for ice skating soon turns him into the local hockey team's secret weapon. Now, playoffs are in full swing. The lab officials are closing in. And Jack has one chance to prove that when it comes to skating away with the affections of an entire town, he doesn't monkey around!

Rated G.. love those!  These movies are ones that my 5 year old can watch and not have to cover his ears, yet it is comical and funny still for my 18 year old!

Most Vertical Primate

From the makers of Air Bud, the Most Valuable Primate is going vertical! Jack is back, and this time he's traded in his hockey skates... for a skateboard! When the beloved chimp is framed for something he didn't do, he ends up lost and alone in a strange city. Befriended by Ben, a shy skateboard kid, Jack reveals a hidden talent for totally awesome skateboard tricks!

 These movies are approx 90 minutes each. Perfect for your family movie night! Your whole family will be laughing!

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