Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lead your Family Like Jesus *Review

I LOVE Tricia's response that no ones life is a Pinterest board. That is so true in mine. I can't get anything to turn out like a photo! Not my house, my cooking, my children's appearance, my crafts.
Living in the hear and now, the reality of it is what is so  important. We are unique and for us personally that means a larger family, and dynamics that don't always allow for things to be picture perfect.
This book gives you the blessing of "Saying yes to the Best and No to the Rest", and biblically backing it up.

This is one of those books that  you can read snippets here and there and still get insight. One of those books you will shelve and keep and pass on to your own grown children to use. Modeling Jesus, that is what it is all about.

As I continue to glean from this book, be watching for snippets!!

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