Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Get Off Your Donkey by Reggie McNeal *Review

This book is geared toward two groups of people. Firstly he is writing to followers of Jesus who are ready to BE church right where they are. Secondly he is writing to the church leaders who are willing and determined to change their ministry to better demonstrate the character of Jesus.
Reggie McNeal takes a look at the story of the Samaritan and how he helped the man on the side of the road. Firstly the man had to get off his donkey to help, secondly in the story, Jesus tells us to do likewise. We have a choice to make, we can just pass by or do something!

Reasons we may pass by or not make the right move can be
Religious activity
Judgmentalism and Prejudice
Busyness and Distraction
Being Overwhelmed
Indifference and Apathy

Reggie McNeal takes a look at each of these factors, leaving room for your own personal reflection as you ponder your own walk.

I loved this quote from the book, as our pastor has been mentioning Paradoxical truths lately!

By helping others, you are opening up the Holy Spirit to work through you in many ways as well. You often hear "It is better to give than to receive", but I find that you often in giving, receive more than you could imagine!
The book encourages you to look at your values, to study the things you hold on to, as those will show your belief system. You are not locked in to what you may have learned as a child, or in a rigid church setting, but you will have an 'unlearning curve' ahead of you.

"Identifying your life mission, figuring out your core values, assessing your strengths, and developing a learning path, are all keys to making a difference in the world and to enjoying an abundant life."

I found this to be an excellent resource for a personal study and even for small group studies. It is very motivational, and God focused. It is an ecouragement to get started right where you are at, without the guilt that you haven't already begun or that you aren't doing enough!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. You can pick up a copy through Amazon HERE.
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