Saturday, April 27, 2013

funky chunky snacks *Review

Popcorn, Chips, Pretzels, Chocolate, Caramel
Oh My!!

Mama is loving her some snacks that she didn't want to share with the littles! What better time to get Mom her own gourmet, artisan crafted, small batch snacks than Mother's Day! Then she may not have to share.. or will she?

The first thing when reading about funky chunky that caught my interest was that each batch is made by people, not machines. True artisans work to make only the best quality snack for us. I love that this is made in Edna Minnesota with real ingredients like butter and vanilla, not processed ingredients. Made by people means it is going to have more care and concern put into each bag.. making it a superior product for the consumer. Delivered fresh and at it's very best taste, you will LOVE each and every one of these unique choices.

The beauty of the funky chunky snacks is not only the great variety, but the size variation as well. I was thankful for the snack size I reviewed. Given a larger size I very likely would have hogged the entire thing down alone.. they were that good!

Close up of Candy Cane Popcorn

Close up of Sea Salt Caramel, my favorite!

What flavor is making you drool?

Stop by Funky chunky now to order a Holiday Gift for your Mom, and Grandma this Mother's Day!

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