Wednesday, April 3, 2013

EcoNutsSoap.. a healthier clean

Check out Soap Nuts at for an organic, eco friendly way to wash your clothing.When I first read about soapnuts I was very skeptical. How could a nut get my clothing clean? I have been using soap nuts for over a year now and love the efficiency and low cost of using this product.

What are soap nuts?

 They actually are a berry, not a nut that grows in the Himilayas and produces a natural soap.The surfactant in the berry , saponin, is a natural, gentle cleaner that breaks the surface tension of the fabric, removing dirt to be washed away with the rinse water. You can purchase soapnuts in just about any size quantity. You can choose just a sample amount to test out, or make the plunge and get a years worth!

For a load of laundry you select 5-7 soapnuts to put into a small muslin bag. This is all you will use for the laundry cycle. You reuse these same soapnuts 4 or 5 times. Talk about savings! It ends up being less than 10 cents per load with the soapnuts. I think with commercial detergents that is unheard of.

It is seriously hard to believe that 5 small little berries like this will get your clothes clean, but it works!

Soapnuts will not foam like commercial detergents, foam isn't what gets your clothing clean.. that is really just a marketing ploy. Our brains have been indoctrinated to believe scent and bubbles is what cleans. Really that is just adding unnecessary chemicals to your clothing that then gets on your skin, and absorbed into your body. Think practical and use natural resources like the soapnuts. Biodegradable, low carbon footprint, little waste, unscented, safe for babies.

 In addition to using soapnuts in the muslin bag, you can also make a liquid detergent from the berries as well. In front loading high efficiency washers the liquid form will work better. You can purchase liquid soapberry with a couple added ingredients to work better in the HE washer. You can also use your soapnuts and make a liquid detergent yourself with just the soapnut properties.

I love the efficiency and low cost of soapnuts. They are super easy to transport if you need to use the laundry mat or are traveling on vacation and need to take laundry supplies with you. Give them a try, you will be glad you did!

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are solely my own.


  1. That is interesting that foamy bubbles aren't what gets your clothes clean... we have really been brain"washed" ;)

  2. I have tried soap nuts before. I think they are great! Thanks for sharing about your experience!

  3. I have never heard of these before! So interesting...I might just have to try them. I'm always looking for a way to save on household (and specifically laundry) costs.

  4. I've heard of these before. I am open to giving them a try, specially at 10 cents a load :)

  5. These are interesting. I like the concept! Especially at the price! How did they do with your clothes?

  6. Interesting concept. I like that you aren't using chemicals.

  7. Wow! I have never heard of these. I really like the low cost of this. These seem like a great idea for people with sensitive skin (like me) where lots of detergents cause skin reactions. Thank you for this review!

  8. Interesting...I really like the idea for using them for travelling. How do they do on stains or do you find that you need to use something separate for stains?

    I like that they don't have fragrance (sensitive skin).
    Can you compost them afterward?