Monday, April 1, 2013

Disconnect Reconnect DVD *Review

One of the latest releases from Bridgestone Multimedia Group, Disconnect Reconnect shows us a very modern family that is too plugged in.

Phones, TV, internet are taking over the family. The dishes don't get done, bedrooms are a mess, and the family spends no time together.
When Dad Mark's project is to blame for a world wide threat to communication, Mark goes into lock down in the house waiting it out. All communication is on the fritz. No satellite, internet, or cell phone service. Advisor Stuart Jackson takes over the project as Mark struggles to connect with his family. Mark sure isn't very likeable in the beginning.. being bossy with Conner and not listening to his family. His identity is wrapped up in his career.. as a project manager, which he constantly reminds everyone of.

I was thankful that Mom talked to Caitlin about the hazards of the internet and the need to protect her identity. Also focused in on how some of them aren't really your friends, because many of the people use fake identities.Caitlin really needs to find real friends.

Neighbor Mr. Simmons has always tried to share his faith with the family, just to have them reject him and consider him weird. Conner happens to see Mr. Simmons struggling with a box and helps him unload it into the garage. While in the house Conner sees a lot of astronomy books, something he has a great interest in. Mr. Simmons ends up being the head of the  God's eye project that Connor just got accepted into.

Mark feels that Mr. Simmons is trying to indoctrinate Conner with 'religion', while he teaches him more about astronomy. Conner enjoys his time with Mr. Simmons, something his father fails at.

The family decides to do something fun, camp in the back yard and this opens up a communication mechanism for them.

Geared for the entire family! Great movie night film. A great way to remind us how technology can take over our families if we don't protect it.

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  1. This looks great. I have enjoyed a lot of other films by Bridgestone. Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

  2. Sounds very interesting and perfect for our technological times. Technology is all around us, and there are many security/risk factors with that. I like that the hazards of the internet are talked about. So important. We just watched the Wizard of Oz as a husband insisted that it was a must for Easter, but we have been taping the Bible miniseries to watch.